Frequently Asked Questions


Dr. Pete provides sound advice and insight on some of the most frequently asked questions he gets from parents about child rearing and basic medical advice.


I’m confused about what I hear in the media about vaccinations. Are they safe? Do they cause autism?

Over-the-Counter Medications

What is your opinion on the use of over-the-counter medications?


Do you recommend vitamins for kids?

Allergies and Genetics

If I’m allergic to something does it mean my children will also be allergic?

Ear Wax

How do I clean the ear wax from my child’s ears?


I have a 5 year old son, and I think the school is heading towards telling me that he is ADHD and is going to want to prescribe something. Where do I go from here?


I have a 12 year old son who is in the 7th grade and goes to public school. I suspect that he has Dyslexia. Is there a test for it?


Does Almaden Pediatrics take my insurance?

Click here for a list of insurance plans that we accept, or call us to ask about your specific plan.


Schedule of Check Ups & Vaccines


Birth to 18 Months

Birth: Hepatitis B #1

1 month: Hepatitis B #2

2 months: Pentacel #1 (Dtap , Polio, HiB), Prevnar #1, and Rotavirus #1

4 months: Pentacel #2 (Dtap, Polio, HiB)Prevnar #2, and Rotavirus #2

6 months: Pentacel #3 (Dtap, Polio, HiB), Prevnar #3, and Rotavirus #3

9 months: Hepatitis B #3

12 months: MMR #1Chicken Pox #1, and Hepatitis A #1

15 months: Dtap #4Prevnar #4Hib #4

18 months: Hepatitis A #2

2 Years to 6 Years

2-3 years: No vaccines if all have been completed as recommended.

4 years: Chicken Pox #2

5-6 years: MMR #2DTap #5 , and Polio #4
(NOTE: These vaccines are typically administered together as part of the pre-kindergarten visit.  For children who will be having their pre-kindergarten visit while still 4 years old, they will generally receive the Chicken Pox vaccine in addition to the “Kinder Shots.”)

6 Years to 10 Years

Yearly check ups. No scheduled vaccines.

11 Years to 18 Years

Yearly Check ups
11-12 years: Tdap, Meningitis #1, Gardasil (HPV)
16-18 years: Meningitis #2


Growth Charts


Birth to 36 Months for Boys

Boys Height/Weight
Boys Head Circumference

Birth to 36 Months for Girls

Girls Height/Weight
Girls Head Circumference

2 Years to 20 Years for Boys

Boys Height/Weight
Boys Body Mass Index

2 Years to 20 Years for Girls

Girls Height/Weight
Girls Body Mass Index


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